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I posted the Phenomenology presentation in January 2018, as my first Adept Play contribution to thinking about this activity of ours. What you're seeing there is actually my second version; I'd posted the first to the Patreon back then, and re-shot it following their comments.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
08 Sep 2020

There is little, possibly no hope left in me that discussing role-playing as phenomenology has been time well-spent. "Sporadic cynicism" indeed. But every so often something happens to disperse it. In this case, it's Dustin DePenning, author of Synthicide, whom you may have watched in play with me over in Actual Play.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
11 Jun 2018

Event Date: 7 February 2018 - 11:00am

This is a leftover from the original plan of having sign-up paid activities, which I'm not doing any more. I've edited the original post, and some of the language and the comments won't make much sense without knowing that.

Vincent asked me about the Right to Dream, and why it was absent from my fifth segment in Phenomenology, "Playing on Purpose." We had a fine talk which you can view here and comment about.


Posted by: Ron Edwards
01 Feb 2018

This five-piece video series is my raw material for the ongoing project, to generate a real text for what on earth this role-playing 'thing' might actually be. It's the abstract part, coming at it with both extensive experience but also completely without the familiar in-hobby vocabulary or investments.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
09 Jan 2018