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I've been in interview madness for a couple of weeks. The first was with The Thirteenth Floor podcast, which hasn't been posted yet. Then I was contacted by Pawel from the role-playing play, design, and discourse community in Poland, who have had the dubious luck to dig into my essays at the Forge and have opinions about them. You can see my conversation with him here in Seminar and we'll probably continue with some more.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
21 Jun 2021

This is the very kind interview with Lucas Falk, including Peter Malmberg as fellow guest. Late in the evening during Lincon, Lucas found a corridor which seemed quiet, pulled some interesting high-backed, well-padded chairs into a curiously intimate small circle, and commenced to interview there. We did not expect that most of Linköping would then gather in that exact area and make noise, so the interview is more "naturalistic" than it should be, but that clears soon.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
24 Jun 2019