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I had a chance to try this game as a homework assignment for the Phenomena course taught by Ron during this period. If I'm sharing the game's journal, first and foremost, it's because I found a particular pleasure in the imagery that developed around this apocalypse, and a particular sense of fondness for the characters that went into its construction.

Posted by: Karaburan
13 Feb 2022

At this point, we needed to do three things at once. First, to make sure we filled in any missing points or caught up with anything Justin wanted to revisit; second, to lay down some important points about design as a process, as I thought we'd maybe strayed into play-theory at the expense of the real topic of "make a game;" and third, to take the time to address any topics as they occurred to either of us as we went along.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
09 Jan 2019

... Has This Been Goin' On? Alternative equally music-meming title: My Only Friend, the End. Or, wait, how about, Stop! In the Name of What?

This is about how long we play, in real time. It can refer to the length of a session, how many sessions relative to a given fictional situation, how long

Posted by: Ron Edwards
03 Sep 2018