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Very meaty questions, good examples of highly specific topics which open up important levels of understanding, or so I hope.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
02 Dec 2022

Here is the Sorcerer game Day of the Dupes first session. In a previous session after creation, we played the bind as flashbacks. I planed this game a few months ago so I had to remember things about their characters, but they really decided everytghing. First, I discussed about the expectations of the game. I explained that I prepped too much and I should not give the impression that there’s an adventure to follow, or a complex backstory to unveil, but that we are just playing our characters and following the direct consequences of their actions. There will be weird things happenings, cliffhangers, but only because the NPC that appears in the game will have their story, not because the GM is trying to send messages about the adventure. The main issue arising from this actual play is scene framing, in which I struggle while understanding why during the game, and how I used the r-map as a source of interesting informations.

Posted by: Greg
28 Apr 2020

"Demon pets," I told them, and "Ancient cities." After this meeting, we're starting up with one sorcerer maximizing the first and the other maximizing the second, and with a fine mix of the components in this post's title.

This is Sorcerer, with me, Pedro, and Aybars. There is an almost physical impression of commitment among us.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
25 Sep 2018