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Here's a good chance to see some or a lot of what I don't know.

Topics include some Sorcerer mechanics, academia, early TSR games, a notable slightly-later TSR game, a whole branch of RPG publishing in a single company, and a real conceptual conundrum.

The discussion from the Patreon is attached, so take a look if you'd like. The dialogue with John turned into a screen conversation, so if that turns out to be publicly shareable, I'll include it here later.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
02 Oct 2022

We jump right into the battle between Connie Bleak and Ed Kalvar.

Connie spent 83 Karma in this fight. She spent 73 points on inflicting a stun on Ed. This result took him out of the action for ten rounds. Ed was putty at this point. Connie phased Ed's hand and stuck it in the concrete, making Ed an amputee. She also destroyed Ed's $P3CTR suit 2.0.

Posted by: david_dungeonmatter
21 Sep 2022
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In theory, it is May 12, 2022 (in-game) for The Huntsman, but he is in another dimension, so who is counting? For Connie Bleak, we've skipped ahead to May 13, 2022, because that is the day her plans will take place.

Posted by: david_dungeonmatter
25 Aug 2022

This session started on May 11, 2022 (in-game). It opened up with me describing a panel where Ed Kalvar is contemplating getting back at Connie. He hasn't sought out her arrest. He wants revenge.

Posted by: david_dungeonmatter
09 Aug 2022

Session four started on May 10, 2022 (in-game). We began with Samuel Holt (aka The Huntsman) paying a homeless person to walk around Times Square with a sign asking The Grandmaster (aka Peter King) to contact him. "Grandmaster, call the guy who stole your hard hat."

Posted by: david_dungeonmatter
01 Aug 2022

The session started on Saturday, May 7, 2022 (in game).

Samuel Holt (aka The Huntsman) invited some old college buddies to a pizza place in Brooklyn. For this act, Samuel earned 5 Karma for "Get Together with Friends". Samuel now has 20 Karma.

Posted by: david_dungeonmatter
25 Jul 2022

The last three and a half months have been full of funny, heartbreaking and just plain fun roleplaying (D&D 4e, Marvel Super Heroes, S/lay w/Me, and Sorcerer).

Posted by: noah
23 Jul 2022

Noah joined our group recently. James could not make it this session. We decided to a one-on-one session, introducing Noah's character Connie Bleak (sheet is attached). Connie got out of the prison the day after Samuel Holt (aka The Huntsman).

Posted by: david_dungeonmatter
21 May 2022

Wolverine and Rogue are my two favorite Marvel characters. I have a whole host of Marvel Superhero or, somewhat less, Champions with Marvel detailing, adventures relating to these two characters.

Posted by: Sean_RDP
14 May 2022

The yellow box TSR Marvel Super Heroes Basic Set is my first love in role-playing games. TSR weaponized the game to appeal to young children via the three-color Universal Table on the back covers of the books. There is also a game for adults embedded in that box set. I have never played it to its full potential. Our Halfway Heroes game is an attempt to realize the potential of the yellow box set.

Posted by: david_dungeonmatter
08 May 2022