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Plenty of impromptu things happened at Gothcon. One was an off-the-cuff interview with Peter Malmberg, one-half the team of Rollspelsfika.

The first couple of sentences are in Swedish, or my attempt thereat, but afterwards it's in English.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
05 May 2019
Games: Everway

... Has This Been Goin' On? Alternative equally music-meming title: My Only Friend, the End. Or, wait, how about, Stop! In the Name of What?

This is about how long we play, in real time. It can refer to the length of a session, how many sessions relative to a given fictional situation, how long

Posted by: Ron Edwards
03 Sep 2018

Back when Everway first came out I ran a game for about a year. What I remember was that it feel flat. I was using a mix a reading the text and assuming I knew how every RPG worked because I played D&D. 
Posted by: awinter
26 Aug 2018
Games: Everway

Oh golly, let’s see a bunch of guys over-share about how much their characters have been having sex!! ... for those few of you remaining in the room, you’ll see us talk well beyond the boilerplate. Sex has been freed-up in role-playing over the last decade and a half. This seems to have freed us as well into dialing-back and modulating how it plays into everything else, to find some new things this medium-and-activity can do.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
29 Apr 2018

The topic is group preparation, when you spend some time together creating and customizing the setting and situation. Whether it's a pitch, a series of rules steps,a suggestion-and-approval process, or anything like that - we hit it from a lot of angles and a lot of examples.

Joining me are Ray, Herman, Ángel, Santiago, and Moreno, for what appears to be my first real success at production for a group activity. At last, no tiny head.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
16 Apr 2018