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We had our first moment of "everyone looks quite confused at the rules" playing RQ/Mythras.

Posted by: LorenzoC
01 Apr 2022

This post continues on from the ongoing game described in Shadows, good bards, and a lot of rules and Horses on Squares

Posted by: Sean_RDP
10 Sep 2021

A figure chess rules system is one where the combatants take turns and during their turn they typically move and do some other stuff. There might be squares or hexes or one might do without. There are a few situations where most of them break down, with dynamic movement being the most glaring. My interest is in solutions that make these things work in a figure chess context, and different cases where the break-downs happen.

D&D 3,5 with Sean and Helma

Posted by: Tommi
07 Aug 2021