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During December, I asked patrons if they wanted to throw me some questions, especially pretty specific to games that I've published or perhaps know well enough to say anything about. The idea was to collect a few and make a little video response, to be posted and discussed at the Patreon.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
09 Feb 2022

The animal species in which . . . the practice of mutual aid has attained the greatest development . . . are invariably the most numerous, the most prosperous, and the most open to further progress. . . .  The unsociable species, on the contrary, are doomed to decay.

--Pyotr Kropotkin, “Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution”

“New York was always going to eat itself eventually.”
--Prometheus, issue 17

Posted by: James_Nostack
02 Aug 2021

After a long-ish hiatus from the Runequest: Roleplaying in Glorantha duet, we jumped right to it when we started session 12 last weekend. And goddamn did we jump into the deep end. I’m going to relate the fictional events of play, then reflect on some questions of prep that the session raised.

Posted by: noah
01 Jul 2021

Whew! Another 3 sessions of the Runequest, Roleplaying in Glorantha duet under our belts. Though we’ve had some delays between sessions, we’ve internalized enough of the systems and setting that we’re able to get right to it when we start playing. In that spirit, I’m going to dive into this report. Some seriously consequential events occurred in session 12, and I am quite excited to relate them later this week.

Posted by: noah
28 Jun 2021
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I’ve been fortunate enough to play six sessions of Champions Now with Sam and my brother Seth. I decided to refrain from writing a report until we’d seen the Now crest and crash a couple of times, and our last session brought our first arc to a conclusive, explosive end.

Our Statements are:

Posted by: noah
17 Jun 2021
Games: Champions Now

For you these lillies, these stalks of hyssop

for you this altar which is not an altar

in the ordinary sense but a stairway of song

    to the unbearable ones

    helpers in our need.

—Hjalmar Gullberg, “For the Demigods”

“I’m not so much a ‘morality’ superhero.”


Posted by: James_Nostack
11 Feb 2021

Our Champions Now game continues; you can read about the start of it here, and then I continued the discussion here.

Posted by: Jon Hastings
15 Dec 2020
Games: Champions Now
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Oppression makes a wise man mad.  Your fathers were wise men, and if they did not go mad, they became restive under this treatment.  They felt themselves the victims of grievous wrongs, wholly incurable in their colonial capacity.  With brave men there is always a remedy for oppression.

--Frederick Douglass, “What To the Slave is the Fourth of July?”

Posted by: James_Nostack
31 Oct 2020

I'm contemplating a game of Runequest: Roleplaying in Glorantha. The core book alone is vast, a whole geography of world and system, and I have never played in Glorantha before.

Posted by: noah
17 Oct 2020