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Ron told me that I should post something on Adept Play - even if it's in Polish!
And while I'm still skeptical as to whether that's a good idea, I'm happy to oblige.
So, all the videos are in Polish, while I'll try to provide some context in English, for those who're interested in the entire thing.

Some history and context

Posted by: svart_vind
05 Jul 2021

During one of my consulting sessions, I told Ron one of my major design concerns regarding my current project is the concept of interdependence: it's a game about a group of people fighting things that should be well beyond the possibilities of the common human being. How do they do this? I want one of the answers to be "together".

Posted by: LorenzoC
07 Jan 2020

This post is about our experience with Blades in the Dark. The cool things, the problems we run with and the dialectics with the player's psychology.


Posted by: Greg
15 Aug 2019

Usually I wait a week to post Monday Labs, partly to get enough time to edit properly, partly to keep at least something on a regular cycle at the site. But this time I couldn't help myself, it's been only two days and here you go.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
19 Sep 2018

Intent, Initiation, Execution, Effect - fictional things, probably the single most direct fictional content to be interfaced with real-people speaking and using rules, in the hobby. In a recent dialogue with Zac Porcu, he called it "the beating heart of role-playing."

Posted by: Ron Edwards
09 Jul 2018