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I got over a mental block and managed to say "this game's done!" in design terms at least, so it was time to introduce Cosmic Zap to some intrigued people at Spelens Hus.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
07 Nov 2019
Games: Cosmic Zap

I've played a whole lot of Trollbabe at Spelens Hus, so far with three sessions and five players, although not all of the latter at once. There isn't too much to say! Everything has been berserk and fun and gory and funny and heroic, the whole time.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
27 Oct 2019
Games: Trollbabe

I've moved into playtesting for Levied Souls, with the help of friends at Spelens Hus. It's a long-term project with plans for multiple sessions, and so this first session was for character creation. By player request, it's also audio only, athough I have set it up as a video for helpful captioning and occasional textual comments.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
22 Oct 2019
Games: Levied Souls

There's an enthusiastic bunch at Spelens Hus here! They were even up for a late-night Zombie Cinema game, sight unseen, "Ron has it in his bag? Sure, let's try it." The game is maxed at six players and I was turning people away.

The result was an extremely energetic session, occasionally shouty, with vivid characters and plenty of confrontational or reconciliatory moments.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
17 Oct 2019

The Whispering Vault is a special game for me, as, along with Over the Edge, it significantly influenced me to shift into role-playing design at all and, more so than OtE, provided crucial play-experience during the creation of Sorcerer. I like to describe it as the 1990s' best unknown horror game, and better than most picks for the known ones.

Posted by: Ron Edwards
20 Sep 2019